Creating All the Time with Kate Micucci


“Mike Birbiglia’s new gem of a film, Don’t Think Twice, explores the relationships between members of Commune, a long-standing improv troupe. When the troupe’s theater is sold to Trump and a key member of the group garners a big gig on “Weekend Live”, the friends are forced to reassess their individual values and sense of identity. Kate Micucci of Garfunkel and Oates plays Allison, a peculiar improviser and illustrator. Although in real-life Micucci had no previous experience with improv, you wouldn’t know it from her relaxed, imaginative performance. I talked with Micucci about her creative spirit, knowing your own butt strength, and one particularly hard day.”



When Your Child’s Worrying Becomes Worrisome


Jocelyn Skillman, Youth and Family Therapist. Photo: Joshua Huston

“What Seattle’s children are anxious about today might surprise you. While many are afraid of the dark or getting bad grades, some local mental health professionals say others worry about Mt. Rainier erupting and Donald Trump becoming president.

Regardless of the source, anxiety is a natural part of being alive. When we perceive danger, our thoughts race, our heart rate increases, stress hormones pump and our breath becomes shallow. This physiological response compels us into action when a real threat is present, or it’s time to perform a challenging task. But when the anxiety is prolonged and irrational, it can become a barrier to fully engaging in life. “


Or pick up a hard copy at your local Seattle library!


Aasif Mandvi on ‘Mother’s Day’ and Donald Trump


Aasif Mandvi. Photo: Amina Elahi

“In a brief interlude from his satirical combat of Islamaphobia on the Daily Show and his web series, Halal in the Family, Aasif Mandvi co-stars in Mother’s Day, a wacky holiday comedy directed by Garry Marshall. Much like Marshall’s Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day, the movie features multiple intersecting storylines and a star-studded cast. Mandvi plays Russell, an Indian American doctor, husband, and father. His wife Jessie (Kate Hudson) has managed to keep her interracial marriage and toddler a secret from her conservative southern parents. But when Mom and Dad unexpectedly show up for a visit (spoiler!), Jessie can no longer shield her husband from her narrow-minded family. Racist antics and slapstick hilarity ensue.

The full star-studded cast includes Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Timothy Olyphant, Britt Robertson, Sarah Chalke, Hector Elizondo, Margo Martindale, Shay Mitchell, Jack Whitehall, Jon Lovitz, and a pug. If you and/or your mom are hankering for a turbocharged, action-packed cornball rom-com, Mother’s Day is the movie for you. I caught up with Mandvi on interracial romantic comedies, working with toddlers, and Donald Trump’s inner child.”


Why Do Ghosts Wear Human Clothes?


Garments for the Grave. Designer: Pia Interlandi.

“Paranormal enthusiasts often report sighting spirits dressed in Victorian period clothing, flowing white dresses, or just jeans and t-shirts. Why? If ghosts are, as paranormal investigators would have us believe, essentially human spirit energy stuck in purgatory between earth and the great beyond, why do their manifestations include the manufactured convention of clothing? We consulted paranormal and death experts from around the globe on what ghosts are wearing these days and why.”

Read the Full Article on Racked – IF YOU DARE

18 Signs Your Dog Has A Secret Second Family

Secret Second Family

“Your dog has always been your rock. Your light in the dark. Your Snickerbottom. Pumpkinbooger. Snugglebear. But what if you’ve been wrong all this time? What if your Honey-munchkin has been playing you for a fool while sleeping in someone else’s dog bed? Eating someone else’s treats? Dare we imagine Piggle-wiggle barking in someone else’s face and urinating on someone else’s floor? What if the dog you’ve cuddled with and cleaned up after all these years isn’t the Jellymuppet you thought he/she was? If you’ve ever suspected that your dog was offering tongue baths and meaningful eye contact elsewhere, read on for signs your dog has a secret second family.”

Such a fun one for BarkPost. Read the rest here!

10 Ways Your Dog Will Emotionally Destroy Thanksgiving

“The holidays can be a hard time. Pressure is on, money is tight, relatives are…alive. At least you can always count on your trusty pup to be on your side when the going gets tough. Or can you? If the rest of your family is dysfunctional, why wouldn’t your dog be too? After all, you raised him to be the little fur ball he is today. And now you get hit with the therapy bills. Look, not everybody can be the dog whisperer, okay? We all make mistakes. If your family is straight out of Jonathan Franzen novel, here are 10 ways your doggie will destroy Thanksgiving.”

I may be more proud of this listicle than anything I’ve ever done in life. 


How To Breed Fancy Pigeons: A Love Story

German Beauty Homer

I took my love for pigeons to the next level and wrote a personal essay on How to Breed Fancy Pigeons for The Hairpin!

“My pigeon nostalgia took on many whimsical and disturbing forms. I began painting pigeons and writing pigeon poetry. It was what I like to call my “Pigeon Renaissance.” This was a time of great creative flourishing where I painted pigeon masterpieces such as “Pigeon by Day” and “Starry Night Pigeon.” The pigeons were all-consuming. I’d try to drawJacobin Pigeon something else like a bowl of fruit or a self-portrait, but somehow it would still end up looking like a pigeon. Our apartment took on the aesthetic of John Nash’s office at the end of A Beautiful Mind—he too, was fascinated by pigeons. Sam was supportive of (and amused by) these creative endeavors, but also wanted to know what the fuck was going on and encouraged me to meet some new people, maybe join a club?”

Read the full piece on The Hairpin here!

Pouter Pigeon

I’m Alive With Whales

When Celine Dion recorded her hit single, “I’m Alive”, she had no idea that whale enthusiasts around the world would serendipitously connect her lyrics with visual images of whales gloriously emerging from the waves, water sensually dripping off their dorsal fins. But the unbridled passion of whale lovers like jhdarcy24 and marineland120 needed to be expressed freely, without judgment and through the aquatic/erotic dance of the whales. Please enjoy these independently produced videos from around the world featuring whales grooving to the uplifting melody of Celine Dion’s iconic disco beat ballad, “I’m Alive.”

Mmmmm…Mmmmm …I get wings to fly. Oh, oh … I’m alive …Yeah.

When you call on me. When I hear you breathe. I get wings to fly. I feel that I’m alive.

When you look at me. I can touch the sky. I know that I’m alive.

When you bless the day. I just drift away. All my worries die. I’m glad that I’m alive.

You’ve set my heart on fire. Filled me with love. Made me a woman on clouds above.

I couldn’t get much higher. My spirit takes flight.’Cause I am alive.

I’m Alive.

Erotic Orca


Mo Welch on Larry Bird, Qweirdos, and Laughter in the Dark

Mo Welch Basketball

Photo credit: Mandee Johnson

“Whether she’s hosting The Mo Show, performing standup, making music videos, drawing her hilariously depressing cartoon, Barely Blair, or bringing her A-game on the basketball court onto the stage for the Larry Bird Variety Hour, the impossibly cool Mo Welch is constantly stretching the boundaries of her comedy and devising new ways to find the funny.

I got a chance to talk with Mo about the antics behind the making of her CBS sports special, Foul Ball, what it’s like to be Larry Bird, getting her start with The Grawlix, joining the Qweirdo community, and her unexpected moment of brilliance with a Pop-Tart.”