I’m Alive With Whales

When Celine Dion recorded her hit single, “I’m Alive”, she had no idea that whale enthusiasts around the world would serendipitously connect her lyrics with visual images of whales gloriously emerging from the waves, water sensually dripping off their dorsal fins. But the unbridled passion of whale lovers like jhdarcy24 and marineland120 needed to be expressed freely, without judgment and through the aquatic/erotic dance of the whales. Please enjoy these independently produced videos from around the world featuring whales grooving to the uplifting melody of Celine Dion’s iconic disco beat ballad, “I’m Alive.”

Mmmmm…Mmmmm …I get wings to fly. Oh, oh … I’m alive …Yeah.

When you call on me. When I hear you breathe. I get wings to fly. I feel that I’m alive.

When you look at me. I can touch the sky. I know that I’m alive.

When you bless the day. I just drift away. All my worries die. I’m glad that I’m alive.

You’ve set my heart on fire. Filled me with love. Made me a woman on clouds above.

I couldn’t get much higher. My spirit takes flight.’Cause I am alive.

I’m Alive.

Erotic Orca



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